NDI PTZ Camera Hire

AV Events stocks PoE PTZ cameras with NDI outputs, perfect for remote camera access and your event, festival, or hybrid conference.

Our cameras have 30x optical zoom, HDMI, SDI and NDI simultaneous outputs – allowing for maximum flexibility. When paired with our VMIX AV rack making use of a PoE (Power over Ethernet) router, these cameras can make use of a single cable run to provide power and signal. Ingested natively within VMIX or Resolume, these cameras are ideal for remote access and control.

As of Summer 2023, we now also stock a remote control keyboard, for direct camera control and monitoring.

One of our cameras out being used for a side stage shot, rigged on a handrail. Fully powered and controlled via the NDI input, with presets programmed in Vmix.
A still taken from the above camera’s recording.
Our PTZ cameras being used in a hybrid conference environment, allowing a remote presenter and delegates to take part in the meeting.