Silent Disco Headphones hire

AV Events stocks 320 3-channel silent disco headphones, each with an internal battery to last up to 10 hours. Our 10 headset and one transmitter kits start from £50 including local delivery. Extra transmitters and headphones can be added as required.

Our headphone packages make use of the silent disco transmitters paired with Microsoft Surface tablets, each with a unique Spotify account. This allows both pre-loading of appropriate music, as well as access to a global library of playlists across your event.

Silent Disco packages start at £50 for 10 headphones, a single transmitter and a playback tablet. We stock 320 headphones, and can also provide lighting, gazebos, smoke machines, lasers and more to make your event come to life.

If you are interested in hiring our headphones, contact us on 0118 449 2799 or email

Our headphones in full swing at Bunkfest 2022.